How Simpsons Containers Started


Throughout the years, numerous container companies have come in and out renting yard space which Simpson would be the handler for these companies using self storage. In 2010, we realised the importance of low-cost space and more businesses and residents had interests in our storage in Leeds.

We initially started with commercial storage and business compounds. This worked out to be ideal for us as local companies especially construction and transport. Starting from the bottom and giving ourselves somewhere to work from.

As a result, this became successful and we decided to expand to self-storage which has a big interest to the locals.

From expanding the self-storage space, we also received a lot of demand by many individuals wanting to purchase containers for storage use on their own properties.

Over 30 years of container services related to sales, haulage, hire & more.

We have availability of many shipping containers from 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, high cube models, bespoke models like offices and toilet blocks. Shipping containers can be converted to suit any need which includes cafes, offices, temporary shops or stands and much more.

As of now, we hold a vast amount of experience in transporting containers and portable buildings from simply the best P Simpson & Sons Lorry Mounted Crane Hire that has worked alongside all these companies ensuring 5-star delivery service is provided on every delivery project.

Our team currently have a mass of 15 trucks covering all of Britain with fully managed delivery to any accessible location.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"I highly recommend Simpsons Containers Group. Reliable and helpful team for when I needed some secure storage containers in my yard, my expensive forklifts are now kept safe."

Jamie Tennant


"David from Simpsons Group helped me successfully establish my own self storage yard, supplied me with a dozen high-quality shipping containers all absolutely spot on. Thank you for that!"

David Suffield Gomersall


"Thank you for the help Simpsons Containers on the delivery of 5 boxes to our Sheffield yard, they are always good quality from them and I will be getting some more for the Summer time."

Joe Longford




We have availability in 10ft, 20ft & 40ft's (Bespoke Containers Also Available)